The high demands of our customers, suppliers, employees and authorities are our driving force for a holistic quality concept with the following focal points:


  • -Certified processes according to ISO-13485

- continuous monitoring, updating and documentation of all processes

- strict supplier selection and continuous evaluation

- greatest attention to risks, product conformities, material origin

- perfect traceability as well as documentation and data archiving

- professional handling of non-conformities

- sustainable use of resources

- good occupational health and safety

- high standards of ethics and morals.


  •  Perfection in daily business

- highest customer satisfaction always in the focus of our activities

- high motivation on all levels

- high reliability regarding availability, quality and adherence to delivery dates

- good network of contacts and friendly communication

- competent employees with high quality awareness



Swiss MedTech

•     We are a member of the Swiss Medical Technology Industry Association

- constant exchange with our customers and partners

- regular participation in events regarding new regulatory framework conditions