delivered within 24 hours: flexible and just-in-time


Automatic circular and band saws up to dia. 350 mm


fully automatic storage bins


Tons maximum capacity


Our customers benefit from the excellent infrastructure within the BIBUS Group.

Our Swiss service center is the most modern metal logistics center in Europe.

Cuts are realized within the shortest possible time. Due to the extensive machinery we are able to realize different customer requirements in a short time and in compliance with the quality specifications of ISO-13485.


You are welcome to visit the service center.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment.



In addition, we offer services such as the following, which we do in-house. 


  • Cutting for sample material testing
  • Deburring of bar blanks
  • Marking according to customer instructions
  • SVTI restamping certificate on request
  • Chamfering and pointing of round bars

up to dia.450mm
single cuts, serial cuts
Right angle and miter cuts up to 45°.
standard tolerance -0/+2mm tighter

tolerance on requestbis dia.450mm


up to 155mm thick,
up to 2.000 wide x 6.000 mm long,
short delivery time thanks to fully automatic cutting head

Suitable for large and small series

Ideal plate optimization=attractive prices

No thermal or chemical damage

Minimal material loss 0.2-1.5mm beam thickness

Cold work, no stresses or microcracks in the material


up to 10mm thickness
up to 3050mm length

Sticker with bar code
Marking according to customer instructions

Sticker with bar code

Marking according to customer instructions

On request with SVTI restamping certificate